Top 6 Breakthrough Technologies Of 2019

Top 6 Breakthrough Technologies Of 2019

2018 is now ending, but its gifts and technologies that it has brought with it cannot be forget. After all this year has brought massive improvement in old technologies.
Some of the top technologies of 2018 are:

  1. 3D Metal Printing:
    We have been using 3D plastic printing, but now we can print the metallic parts of our cars and appliances too because now we have 3D metal printing technology.
    This improvement can revolutionize our metal industry because buyers can now repair the broken part of their cars, vacuum cleaners or phone or pads. It means they can get their repaired phones back in few dollars.

2. Artificial Embryo:
Scientists and biologists can now create another embryo by a stem cell without involving egg and sperm cells. The scientists just need to take that stem cell from the embryo and grow it in their laboratories under the great care.
This technology helps the doctors and biologists in understanding the process completely, but on the other hand, it has faced some issues because of ethics. Therefore, the life that comes into the world because of stem-cell-made-embryo-in-lab is regarded as artificial or unnatural life by many professionals of the dissertation help.
Yet, this technology is really very massive.

3. Babel Fish Ear-buds:
These ear-buds are not normal ear-buds. These earbuds can help an Indian to talk to a French in his or her own Hindi language. The two just need to put these ear-buds in their ears.
These ear-buds translate what the second person is saying in his or her language in listener’s ears and that’s why he or she, they can be able to reply, in return.
Yet, this technology of Google is very new, therefore, it is not that helpful. You can only use it via Google Voice over Translations now.

4. Zero Carbon Natural Gas:
The developed countries are working now to generate low carbon or zero carbon natural gas by capturing the gases of factories to keep them from the greenhouse effect.
This technology is really worthy to be appreciated because today we have great environmental problems that even lead many environmentalists to urge to bring the topic of the environment as a subject in schools. So, this low carbon technology can make our world clean and green. And this clean and green world is the gateway to harmonious future of ours and our next generation, which we all want heartily and truly.

5. Genetic Fortune Telling:
Genetic technology is jumping up fast nowadays that it is no far when genetics specialists and doctors will be able to predict who will be intelligent and who will have cancer. Thus, these technologies are really helpful in treating threatening diseases by removing that disease-causing gene. Yet, on the other hand, it can bring a discrimination or ethical issues. But we should see its positive side because it is heavier and more logical.

6. Quantum Technology:
Quantum computers are now being manufactured in a few universities. And these computers are unlike normal computers. They work too fast on the basis of cloud technology.
Moreover, these quantum computing systems can be used to make better drugs to treat different diseases, efficient solar cells, batteries and many other things.
Thus, this technology can make the life cheaper and affordable for everyone at a big deal.

So, these are the top 6 technologies that has changed 2018 and will change 2019 or upcoming years at a great pace, because they has been making the living affordable for everyone. Yet, they are at initial stages but there is ray of hope.
So, be positive and change as the world will change.

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