Symptoms of depression in details

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Depression is a form of the psychological disorder that can affect people of any age group. The stressful lifestyle contributes immensely to the development of this medical condition. We shall discuss causes in a separate video. Now, we shall only talk about the common and typical symptoms of depression.

Typical signs of depression

Whenever we feel stressed out due to an unknown or known reason, we sometimes falsely assume that we may be suffering from depression. But, how can you identify whether this is depression or merely a symptom of temporary mental stress?

There is a distinction between temporary mental stress and depression. When a person experiences temporary mental stress, he may have some overlapping symptoms common to depression. The symptoms such as lack of focus, sadness, and loss of appetite are such few common overlapping indications.

However, the person going through depression may not feel worthy to live a life. A feeling of worthlessness and guilt are the typical signs that are found only in the case of depression.

However, a person going through temporary mental stress will not feel worthlessness and maintain self-dignity and self-love. For example, when a family loses someone to death, the family members may feel sad and lonely for a few days, but, at the same time, they will maintain self-love.

Common symptoms:

The first and foremost sign is, you will not be able to concentrate on any activity that requires a minimal focus. You will face difficulty making decisions.  The least intensity of physical work can make you fatigue.

Helplessness and loneliness will keep you gloomy all the time. You will feel that no one values you and consider yourself one of the worst persons in the world. Things may go in favor of you, but you will have a pessimistic stand on everything. 

Sleeping issues will be so common. Either you may have insomnia or sleep the whole day.

Irritability is also a common symptom of depression. You may feel irritated on small issues. Feeling of restlessness can make you impatient and edgy. The things that used to be very interesting will not be interesting anymore. For example, if your hobbies were singing and painting, you will not like to do singing and painting anymore.  

There will be a loss of appetite as well. Either the feeling of hunger will disappear or you the tendency to eat more will increase immensely.  

Body pain and headache are other common signs of depression. The digestive issue will be common. You may not be able to resolve the digestive problems even after getting treatment.  Empty feeling and grief can snatch all the happiness from you.

Many of a time depressed individuals develop suicidal tendency. Either they hurt themselves or attempt suicide.

If you feel you are stressed out all the time and have any of the symptoms then you need to consult a psychiatrist. The mental health expert will analyze the severity of the condition and recommend the best treatment method. Depression can be easily treatable most of the time. There are several ways and approach to treating this medical condition. We shall discuss the treatment method of depression in a separate video.  If you want to read the article in detail, you can check out the link given in the description below. If you have not yet subscribed our channel, subscribe it and share the videos with friends and relatives. For any queries, comment your queries in the comment section. Thank you.


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