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Brand building and product promotion is one of the marketing targets that highly depend on digital marketing in the modern age. There are a number of methods and digital platforms through which these targets can be achieved. One of the most effective and highly advantageous ways for brand building and product promotion is having a Wikipedia page for your brand. Having a brand wiki page authenticates your existence in the local as well as international market. People trust the information they find on the wiki pages because of the image of Wikipedia as credible resource for encyclopedias.

Having a Wikipedia page does not only validates your brand existence but it also helps you have an active presence on the internet. It functions accurately to spread product awareness and expand your market as well. This article is to provide a guideline to the businesses owners how they can manage their Wikipedia page. This article will include the instructions about how to write a wiki page for your brand along with the directions for editing and publishing the pages and articles on Wikipedia.

1# Have an Account

It is possible to contribute to Wikipedia pages by editing existing articles without having an account. However, having an account allows you to have more active participation on the site. Wikipedia provides you with a user name when you choose to have a registered account. You can have your editing history recorded with that user name and you can also communicate with other editors when you have an account. Also, you can have your own user page by having an account where you can share information about yourself. So, it is better to start with having your personal account.

2# Learn the Rules

Wikipedia highly values credibility when it comes to the information that is volunteered. It does not encourage information that has no supportive content from authentic sources. You cannot add ideas or researches that are originally created by you and have no verifiable references. Neither are the editors and promoters are allowed to publish stuff that directly promotes anything. The policies also include that theories that are controversial should not be discussed and information that is fact-based is appreciated more and this is what places Wikipedia at a reputable position.

However, it is important to understand that the difference of opinion is bound to arise no matter how much you avoid. You need to deal with it sensibly by being tolerant towards other editors and always have solid references to prove your point. Do not treat Wikipedia as a debating platform or a place to discuss controversial issues.

3# Identify Whom You are Writing For

Wikipedia is a public website that is accessible by everyone who is using the internet, free of cost. The range of its audience is vast and people from different backgrounds use Wikipedia for informative content. It is a source of information for students as well as teachers. This diverse audience demands a writing style that is both, comprehensive and extensive. You need to explain things in a simple yet deep manner.

4# Research

Researching about the topic is a must for becoming a volunteer contributor for Wikipedia. You need to do an extensive research on the subject that you are willing to write about. Articles that are not well-researched are rejected by review team. Moreover, information on the Wikipedia can be challenged by any reader and thus, posting wrong information can invite criticism from external or internal editors. Also, collect as many citations and verifiable references as you can during your research.

5# Keep it Unbiased

Remember that Wikipedia is a site that wants to provide information that is free and impartial.  You need to adopt a neutralized and fact-based tone in order to avoid deletion on all kind of subjects including history, politics, and religion. While writing for Wikipedia, make sure you do not include your own point of views on any subjects and maintain impartiality.

6# Write and Proofread

When done with research, write your article and revise it a few times. It is highly recommendable to have a person who is well-read in the specific area of study read it once. This will remove the chances of any errors. Also, do not copy anything in the article that has any kind of copyright restriction because all the material that is on Wikipedia can be used by the general public and this can be a copyright violation issue.

After the editorial process, you need to submit the work to the Wikipedia for publishing. The reviewing and publishing process takes usually a week or do. Wait patiently and remember that it is okay if you do not get published in the first few attempts, keep trying and you will eventually do.

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