One of the biggest concerns of moms after giving birth is the issue of losing the pregnancy weight that they have gained. Not all women gain that weight but most of them do. The thing is that gaining that weight wasn’t your choice but losing that weight is your choice. So instead of complaining about it, we suggest that you start doing something about it. Few tips on how to lose weight.

How to lose the pregnancy weight?



The biggest question is how you are supposed to lose that weight that you just gained over nine months. Some moms just give up after thinking that if it took that much time to gain weight then it would talk much more time to get rid of it because gaining weight is easy but losing weight takes determination and hard work.

The gym isn’t the only way that you can lose that mommy weight. There are certainly other activities that allow you to burn that weight off your body within a few months. Moms do not have the luxury of going to the gym because who is going to look after the baby while they are gone and plus they don’t want to stay away from the baby themselves which is why moms have come up with a great way to exercise and stay with the baby at the same time.




Yes, you have it right. Moms believe that calories are burned by pushing the stroller around the park each day for an hour or two. Strolling with the kid has become quite the tradition now. Most of the new moms would be roaming around the park socializing with friends and family and losing that weight as well at the same time.

There are many strollers in the market but every mom want the best and I believe that selecting baby items is one of the toughest jobs as no parents want to buy products which hurt or make the baby uncomfortable, I found a blog post which will help you out to select the best baby strollers with car seat for your little one.

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How can you lose weight with the stroller?

Pushing your stroller can be so much more than just a way of getting around. You can use the time and the apparatus to get into shape and lose that baby fat.

Today at squawkchic we are going to talk about the ways in which you can lose the maximum weight by just pushing your stroller around. Things that affect the number of calories that you burn are;





This might be a bit astonishing but the more you weight the more calories you burn. According to a study, if you weigh 130 pounds and push the stroller for an hour then you would lose 147 calories but if you are 155 pounds you will lose 176 calories. So the more you weigh the more calories you will be burning during the process.


Your speed also matters a lot. The briskly your ride is the more calories you are going to burn. Increasing your speed from 2 mph to 3 mph you can burn almost all most 50 more calories depending on your weight. The more your speed increases the more calories you would be burning but don’t overdo it because you don’t want to strain yourself either cause the baby any harm. You can’t be running around with the stroller so jog.


The path that you take to walk or jog matters a lot. If you walk uphill on a path for an hour you can burn up to 350 calories which are quite a lot for a day. So the more inclined your path is the more calories you will be burning plus the energy that it takes to control the stroller while going downhill also helps you burn a lot of calories.




How to maximize the effect of the stroller walks?

There are certain rules that you can follow to maximize the effect of the walks. In order to obtain the maximum benefit from the walks you need to keep a few things in mind so let us talk about those few body positions and movements that will help you push the stroller more effectively and increase the number of calories that you burn on a daily basis.

1.      Positions your hips

Pushing the stroller can be hard. Remember that you need the force to push the stroller forward. Your hips are going to provide you with that force. I don’t wrong you can strain yourself as well because no one is good at pushing weights around. Your hips are your powerhouses, so do not lean forward towards or over the handle especially when you are going uphill.

2.      Engage your abdominals

You want to actively engage your abdominals in the process. Your abdominals support your spine so you don’t want to over it or push more weight than you can bear. The key is to keep your spine upright. Don’t lean over the stroller because that way your abdominals won’t be able to support the spine.

3.      Your wrists in a position

You don’t want to strain your wrist or cause other wrist problems by putting too much force over the. Keep your wrist neutral. Adding more power or keep them clenched on the handle of the stroller isn’t going to help you. It is only going to stain you so just neutrally hold the stroller and get a strong grip over the handle.

4.      Position your shoulder blades

For the workout to work, you need to relax a bit as well. You can’t keep up that tension build upon those shoulders so retract the shoulder blades in and out. Something like pushing them into the back pocket and then releasing them. This will help you release the tension that has been build up and will help you relax and feel better.

5.      Use alternative arms

It is our common practice to swing our arms when we walk or jog which is something that moms forget when pushing the stroller around. You can use one hand to push the stroller. The activity of pushing the stroller helps you release the upper body tension by utilizing the energy. So instead of staying in one position change arms from time to time to push the stroller and swing the other one to relax. For more Guide 

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