Does Google Page Rank Still Matter in 2018 ?

Google Page Rank

Search engine optimization is the process of making various content and technical amendments to improve the search engine rankings for your website. While the process is not difficult in itself, it is difficult when it comes to strategizing. All websites must consult SEO experts and learn what factors matter for them the most.

They need to understand what factors are important in this year vs. factors that mattered in past years. Google Page Rank is one such factor that website owners inquire about. Here is what it is and if it still matters in 2018. You can also check Page Rank of your site by using various available online tools.


Google Page Rank


What is Google Page Rank?

Search engines like Google want to maximize the precision of their search engine results. If someone is looking for SEO solutions, they must find SEO solutions. Anything that appears on the first page of the search engine should have absolute relevance. And as technology is advancing, more and improved algorithms are used by Google to give the visitors what satisfies them the most first.

However, the same was not true when search engines first came out. It is then when Google Page Rank was introduced. Being one of the first and best algorithms of its time, it is still considered one of the most important SEO algorithms.


How Google Page Rank Algorithm Work ?

How the algorithm works are by taking into account the number of links associated with a web page. When links are added for a web page, there is a reason behind it. It is either so that the visitors can find more information on the topic on the given link or so that the viewers can enjoy a more detailed account on the topic.

Either way, the fact that a link is added to your web page shows that you have some credibility on the internet. This metric of credibility is used in Google Page Rank.


Google Page Rank

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What does it mean to have a good Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank was first introduced by Larry Page. He was one of the founders of Google. Although Page Rank is not the only algorithm used by Google today, it still holds immense value in search engine optimization. It takes into account two factors of links:

  1. The quality of links
  2. The number of links

There is an equal emphasis on both the quality and quantity of links because both the factors complement each other. If there are a lot of links to your web page but they lack in quality, it shows that the sources you have vouching for you are not credible enough. On the other hand, if you have a few sources with great quality but they are limited in number, there is not much diversity of websites to trust for Google.

The quantity also ensures that more and more credibility is added to your portfolio. Also, remember that a website that has great web content today does not promise the same level of content tomorrow. As time passes and more and more links are added, it shows the continued commitment of the website owner. But this does not mean that you need to have links pouring in all the time. 2 to 5 links a month is a safe number.


Google Page Rank


How to build links in 2018?

There are a number of ways you can do this. However, some ways are more credible than others. You can start by guest posting. Guest posting involves a publisher blog and a guest writer. It is one of the best ways to ensure quality backlinks. You can also add more value by getting involved repeatedly.

How it works is by first finding other blogs of your niche. It is important that the blogs you are collaborating with must share with you the topic. Otherwise, if anything, the traffic that will end up on your blog would not stay for long. Then contact the blog owner.

If you write a blog post for the publisher blog, a link to your blog will be added to the author’s section. Another link will be added at the beginning of the blog. This is a great way to interact with other blog and improve Google Page Rank.


Google Page Rank


Next, find blogs that allow discussions. Make sure the blogs have the same niche as yours otherwise there will again be the same issue of different viewership. You can comment and interact with the audience there to make a presence. A link is added to your blog when you make comments.

This is called blog commenting. But make sure that the comments you make hold value. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it. The blogs you are engaging in must also be of good quality.

Another Way To Improve Google Page Rank.

The next way to improve search engine rankings by improving Google Page Rank is the normal, organic way to do it. It will take time and patience to gain backlinks like this but it is totally worth it. This will work by improving the quality of your content. A lot of times blogs add links because they want to add more information on the topic.

For this, they will only add links to blogs that are the best in the industry. An example of such a blog would be Grammarly for SEO. This will take a lot of time and remember that this process is cyclic but it is worth the effort.

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