club factory review

Club Factory is very much known for its amazing deals on clothes and fashion designs. I’ve also used CF many times to grab amazing deals and to try new kind of clothes, e.g. trending clothes. I’ve received around 10+ products and my experience with them is average in shopping and also worst when it comes to significant things which as a customer I want from any e-commerce website. So, here I came up with an honest Club Factory review. Different things are pointed out in this article, and I’m sharing my experience here.

Online shopping has changed a lot, and people are using dozens of websites to purchase their daily use items such as clothes, shoes, electronics appliances and many other things like that. When it comes to clothes and fashion shopping, Club Factory is very much known to the people in India and other countries as well.

Club Factory provides us with unusual items at a reasonable price. People are mostly using the CF app, and I also prefer to use the app because it gives us more flexibility in many ways. Customer support on chat is only available on the mobile app, but that’s the worst thing about Club Factory, but I’ll catch it later on in this article.

club factory review

Website and App Interface

Club Factory is mainly focused on its App which is available for both mobile and iOS devices. Different. The site also looks great, but a lot of features are missing which are only provided with the app itself. I recommend you to use the app instead of the website.

Talking about the app, when you open it for the very first time, all the deals and fantastic offers will be displayed on the home. All the flash sales, discounted items etc. are shown on the front page of the app itself. There’s no need to look up for the offers using third party websites. Just open the app and claim as many offers you can.

The user can quickly provide feedback of the product with a picture. It helps all other users to get an idea about the product they see on Club Factory. So, after receiving a product, never forgot to leave down a review so that others can know more about the items which you’ve just received.

Deals and Flash Sales

You can even grab items for free; it’s based on referral programme in which user needs to share the link of a product. If the specified amount of likes are received on your referral page, you’ll get that item for free. Well, I haven’t successfully claimed this type of offer yet because I don’t have that many friends using Club Factory regularly. Around 20+ likes are needed referral page to grab the item for free. Better trying your luck 🙂

If we talk about the flash sales, it’s very much similar to all the sites. If you’ve used Wish website or sites like a wish, then you better know that during the flash sales, all these sites are selling items at very low prices. On Club Factory, such deals can be seen with ease, keep looking for the updated and newsletters from them to know more about it. Clothes and small electronics items are generally listed during this flash sales.

I highly recommend you to check the reviews before purchasing things which are listed in the flash sale. That’s because from worst to best, everything is sold on sales.

club factory review

Product Delivery and Delivery Time

Everyone wants fast delivery of items which they’ve purchased online. If you also want to know how much time Club Factory takes to deliver your product, then the common answer to this question is around 1.5 weeks if living in India. As I’ve told you before that about 10+ packages were received by me from CF and on average, it took around ten days for them to reach my house. Even some packages took 15+ days.

Very few products are offers with free COD. Around $1.5 are charged as delivery charges in India and may also vary from product to product. I highly recommend you to check the delivery charges before purchasing anything.

club factory review

Refunds On Club Factory

Returns are just worst on ClubFactory. I’ve bought an item from club factory which costs me around 500 INR with delivery charges. Item was delivered after 10+ days, and delivery was smooth. But, once I opened the product, it was the worst item I’ve ever received in my lifetime from online shopping websites. So, I merely thought of claiming the refund by sending the product back.

When I opened the app, it was shown that item is still in transit and will be delivered within 2-3 days. I thought that courier guy hadn’t updated the delivery status, and I waited for around 24+ hours but the app was still showing that item is in transit and will be delivered after a few days.

It’s time to contact customer support. Club Factory offers customer support via live chat. I leave a message, provided them all the details regarding the order. The very first message I received was “Hellow, how can I help you”. I left all the order details and waited for around 1 hour, still no reply. I messaged them again and again, but after 5-6 messages in 4-5 hours, they replied to me, asking for more product details. After providing them with all the details, they said that product status would be updated within 48 working hours.

Next day, I can see the Return option. Product cost was 500 INR with delivery charges. I don’t remember the correct figures but will explain it here with exemplary values.

Product Cost: 400 INR

Delivery Charges: 100 INR

Total Paid: 500 INR

Now, when I clicked on Return process, they give me these figures:

Product Cost: 400 INR

Pickup Fee: 100 INR

Refundable Amount: 300 INR

Complete loss of 200 INR because of cheap product received which isn’t even my mistake. The refund was credited as account balance after three weeks. During this duration, I’ve contacted support one time because there was no update on the refund.

club factory review


My experience with Club Factory was average. I liked the products which are available at cheap prices but hated the customer service. Club Factory really need to fasten and improve their customer service.

Don’t expect the same level of support from Club Factory like you get in Amazon or Flipkart. They are still working on it and I hope customer support issues will be solved soon at their end. Call assistance is also available but useless in my opinion. It’s because important issues like Return, Replace and order related queries are only solved over Live Chat.

Both website and mobile apps are responsive, loads fastly and provides every detail about the product. The only thing I hated is their Return policy and customer support. Everything else is just the way it should be.

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