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With the country being home to the spectacular Himalayas, it’s not really a surprise that there are several amazing places for snow sports in India. If you happen to be an ardent snow sports aficionado, then it’s high time you planned a trip to India! Winter adventure sports in India are unimaginably fun to enjoy. However, to enjoy winter sports in India, you don’t have to wait until winter to make the trip. You can visit the Indian north anytime to enjoy snow sports in India. Popular places for snow sports in India such as Gulmarg, Manali, and others are always replete with sparkling white snow. Let’s have a deeper look into these incredible places for snow sports in India.

Popular snow sports destinations in India:

We’ve brought you a list of the best ever places for snow sports in India. Pick a location depending on the type of snow sport you’d like to enjoy most on the trip. Board a couple of last minute flights if you cannot book flights in advance for your trip. Visit and enjoy the best places for snow sports in India!

  1. Shimla

snow sports

Shimla is among the top skiing places in India. Situated atop the gorgeous and imposing Himalayan Mountains, the journey to this spectacular place is an adventure in itself. If you’re an amateur skier, this is the best place to learn skiing in India. You can check online to find the current skiing in India price and decide if you wish to go ahead with the trip to learn skiing in Shimla. If you can spare time, you should also visit the fabulous hill station of Manali. There are some amazing luxury resorts in Manali you can stay at.


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  1. Gulmarg

snow sports

This is possibly the most popular of all places for snow sports in India. Gulmarg is visited by a vast number of tourists on a regular basis. Many of them arrive solely to enjoy the winter sports offered here. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding and any other snow sports names that come to your mind can be enjoyed here. Those who love golf can tee off at the massive and spectacular Golf Course in Gulmarg. It’s a great place for couples, families, and friends alike to visit.

  1. Auli

snow sports

It may be an offbeat holiday location but Auli in Uttarakhand is among the top places for snow sports in India. Also one of the top skiing places in India, Auli offers long stretches of snow-covered hills. Take your loved ones along and learn to ski in this spectacular place. An additional bonus is that you will have a considerable amount of privacy since Auli is less crowded than its more popular counterparts. Non-snow sports are popular as well such as paragliding and trekking. Thereby, be assured that choices are aplenty even of the destination is a lesser-known one.

  1. Spiti and Lahaul

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Among the most sought-after places for snow sports in India, these are two incredible districts located in the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh. You should definitely invest in some business class flights to enjoy snow sports in these stunning regions. Primarily famous for snow treks, these regions offer an endless network of beautiful trails that snake their way across the Himalayas. You can expect to spot exotic wildlife while you hike your way across picturesque trails. Skiing is another popular snow sport here.

  1. Haflong

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Very few have heard of this fabulous little gem of a place hidden away in the northeastern state of Assam. Popularly referred to as the land of the blue hills, Haflong is home to emerald green rivers, pristine waterfalls, cerulean mountains, and sprawling orchards of oranges among several other things. It’s added endowment that Haflong is one of the best places for snow sports in India! Imagine enjoying some of the most fun snow sports and other sports in India in such a scenic region. The place is so beautiful it demands a visit whether or not you’re into snow sports.

  1. Rohtang Pass


snow sports

This is one of the top places for snow sports in India. The scenic snow-covered valleys, majestic white mountains, and breathtaking backdrop make Rohtang Pass one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Be prepared to enjoy skiing, ice climbing, snowboarding, and everything else you can possibly think of! Rohtang Pass is a magnet for adventure sports enthusiasts all over the country. It’s one of the top adventure sports destinations in India and its popularity seems to be soaring higher by the day!

These were just some of the many awesome places for snow sports in India. Pick whichever location best suits the needs of your travel companions and you. Enjoy top winter sports in India and have the best action-packed white vacation ever!

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