5 trending misconceptions about mobile phone repair

mobile phone repair

Mobiles have become part and parcel of our day to day life and now we come to the point that without them it’s hard to survive. With the advancement of Smartphones life has become so much easier for us. Now you can do everything through online and mobile phones playing a big role in our online demands. It will be much heartening if your mobile phone got repaired and many people are spending so much money to get them ready but it is actually not true. Some of the mobile phone repairing experts are charging more amount of money and spoiling the reputation of the mobile phone repairing industry.

It is mainly happening due to lack of knowledge about mobile phone parts and repairing. Here are the 5 trending misconceptions about mobile phone repair:

Too much money required to repair your phone:

mobile phone repair

The prices may vary subjective to location but many people think that it will take too much money to repair your Smartphone but initially, the cost requires for iPhone repair are very low and you can also buy the spare parts at minimum costs. You have to inquire lots of shops before choosing one because some of the shop owners will say a huge amount considering your lack of knowledge. So do some researches about mobile phone repair before going for it.

Third-party shops better than authorized shops

It is a tricky thing to discuss because if your phone is under warranty it is better to hand over the repairing process to authorized service stores of the particular mobile company but people tend to give to third-party shops because the authorized service centers are taking so much time to deliver sometimes you have to wait for a month and this prompts the people to go for third party shops. But you have to choose the right one for instance if you are looking for iPhone screen repair services the shopkeeper will brainwash you to buy a new phone instead of repairing this. So you need to be more careful before these kinds of persons.

mobile phone repair

Damages caused by water can be fixed with rice:

There is a common perception among the mobile phone users that if your mobile phone got affected by water damages burying them with rice and kept it for 2-3 days will work out because the rice will absorb the water inside the phone but it is not actually true. Actually, it is a rumor and the rice will absorb the external water only.

Phones can be repaired easily:

mobile phone repair

Mobile phone repair is not an easy task to done it should be approached based on the condition of the repair. For instance, screen repair can be done within half an hour and if there is any fault in processor it will take few days to complete. So you have to wait accordingly to get your work done.

Your phone will be the same after the repair:

It’s not actually true it depends on the type of the damage. Sometimes your internal parts may get affected during the damage so its function may slow due to this.

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